Rogan Joins Spotify for a GAJILLION DOLLARS

Joe Rogan

You might have heard the news…

“The Joe Rogan Experience” is headed to Spotify in an exclusive licensing deal worth more than $100 Million. Holy wow.

Rogan’s been doing the podcast for 11 years now. And what that means is that even though Jan from your office has been listening to podcasts since 2018, she was NOT, in fact, the first person to listen to a podcast — no matter how adamant she is.

The deal is exclusive for the podcast’s audio and full length video. Rogan’s video content is huuuuge on YouTube, where you can find snippets of interviews with everyone from Neil deGrasse Tyson to Mike Tyson. As big as the podcast is on the traditional podcast platforms (Apple, Stitcher, etc), the YouTube audience may be just as big. Fortunately the snippet videos will live on (at least for now). The full length video is going to move to a future Spotify Video format that the platform is currently testing with two of David Dobrik’s friends (somewhat rude way to refer to Zane and Heath…whoops). I have to assume Spotify has similar plans for Bill Simmons’ The Ringer, who they acquired last year.

“The Joe Rogan Experience” will join Spotify in September and will be exclusive starting in 2021.

Yea, that’s right — Joe Rogan isn’t even on Spotify. Never has been. Makes you wonder if this was a long play… If it was, Joe Rogan is a GENIUS. He is, either way, but that would be diabolical. 

Unsurprisingly, the biggest takeaway from this news is the price tag. But if you thought $100 million was a lot, buckle up. If you know Kevin Clancy, you know that he knows a little something about podcasts, having been the first and longest running podcast as Barstool. Well if you believe KFC and crew, the word on the street is that the Rogan deal may be $100 Million PER YEAR.

That’s wild! Absolutely wild.

There are two questions to be asked.

  1. What the hell would you do with $100 Million?
  2. What’s Apple going to do about this?

Over the past year, or so, Spotify has spent at least $500 Million plus incentives on content and tech companies in the podcast space — Gimlet Media, Anchor, and The Ringer. Add JRE to the mix. Is Apple going to fight back? Are they just totally fine with letting some huge talent walk? Or are they going to open up the checkbook?

Speaking of dollars and cents… Spotify’s stock jumped +17.65% after the news broke.

Shares of Spotify jumped +17.65% to $194.78
Side Note: My roommates and I recorded our own pilot podcast episode as a means to prove a point to their dad. It was a good time and the end product was better than expected, but I don't think we're signing a deal with Spotify anytime soon.

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