Power Rankings

Latte Power Rankings

Look, I love lattes. But, I’m not a coffee snob. I’ll drink a Starbucks latte any day of the week. It’s not my favorite, and it certainly isn’t in the upper echelon, but I’ll drink it no problem.

Anyway, over the last few years, I’ve started compiling a list of my favorite lattes. When I’m outside of Baltimore, finding a good latte is one of the first things I like to do — but with that in mind I thought it would be best to limit this list to the greater Baltimore region.

Without further ado, the moment that none of you were waiting for, according to my taste buds… some of Baltimore’s best lattes (and their shop’s food).

The Top 10

  1. Sophomore Coffee: You won’t forget this vanilla latte. Aside from that, there are some incredible seasonal drinks, doughnuts, and two of the friendliest owners you will ever come across. Before you leave, take a seat on the bench out front and remember that your coffee deserves this. Beans and blends from Brooklyn, New York-based Partners Coffee Roasters.
  2. Rise Up Coffee Roasters: An Eastern Shore original with locations spanning St. Michaels, Ocean City, Annapolis, Rehoboth, and beyond. Each location is unique, yet oddly familiar and comfortable. If you’re lucky enough to stop by a location that includes Mad Eggs, grab a breakfast burrito — you deserve it.
  3. Atwater’s: Food that makes you feel like you’re home… from sandwiches to shepherd’s pie. Featuring ingredients from their own farm, each location has a slightly different menu that maintains a consistent palate. Take a seat for the Light Start and have a caramel latte to-go. This is the longest running latte on the Power Rankings. Pour over, drip, and espresso from Counter Culture.
  4. Vent Coffee Roasters: Inside of Union Collective, vent is a small roaster with a convenient connection to Union Craft Brewing. Be on the look out for future collaborations. And, back to coffee… Macadamia nut latte. Yes, really. Macadamia nut milk is naturally sweet, and imitates the consistency of “normal milk.” That’s all you need to know.
  5. 3 Bean Coffee: Residing at the bottom of Federal Hill, these lattes are perfect for a walk through the park, past the harbor, or through the neighborhood. Both, in-house small batch roasting and beans from Vagrant Coffee.
  6. Pitango Bakery and Cafe: I would be willing to bet you’ve had Pitango’s gelato. It’s amazing, I know. But if you haven’t been by the bakery and cafe, make plans now. A perfect corner location on the water in Fell’s Point, transports you to Italy (kinda). No shortcuts, just great bread, cheese, and Prosciutto di Parma. Oh yea, they have lattes too.
  7. Daily Grind Coffee: I don’t have anything to study for, but if I did, this might be the place to do it. Aside from the warm and welcoming sunlight, the location across from the water and down the street from the main Fell’s Square doesn’t hurt. This is a place you can grab a latte (or cold brew) with a bagel (everything with cream cheese, cucumber, and hot sauce) and crank out a paper or a few good chapters of a book.
  8. Artifact Coffee: Part of the Woodberry family, you know you can’t go wrong. This is the kind of place that I’ll have a latte and three coffees. I’ll follow that up with lots and lots of pacing. Beans from Counter Culture.
  9. Ceremony Coffee Roasters: Have you ever been to the future? That’s what you get at, either, the Cross Street Market or Mount Vernon location. I bet you’ve never had nitro chocolate milk either…
  10. Ground & Griddled: The R. House market is one of the best places to eat when you have a group of people that can’t agree. I think most people would support that thinking. Now, I’m going to say something controversial. I have never been a huge fan of Cinnamon Toast Crunch — I know, it’s crazy. But, before you lose your cool, let me redeem myself. The Honey Bunches latte with honey cinnamon syrup is one of the most unique lattes in the city. It’s special. Try it with housemade nut milk or oat milk.

Honorable Mentions


Please feel free to reach out HERE with any of your recommendations. Baltimore and beyond!